Creating a file uploader in laravel

There may be times when we’d like the user to upload a file to our server. This recipe shows
how Laravel can handle file uploads through a web form.

Getting ready

To create a file uploader, we need a standard version of Laravel installed.

How to do it…

To complete this recipe, follow these steps:
1. Create a route in our routes.php file to hold the form:
Route::get(‘fileform’, function()
return View::make(‘fileform’);
2. Create the fileform.php View in our app/views directory:
<h1>File Upload</h1>
<?= Form::open(array(‘files’ => TRUE)) ?>
<?= Form::label(‘myfile’, ‘My File’) ?>
Using Forms and Gathering Input
<?= Form::file(‘myfile’) ?>
<?= Form::submit(‘Send it!’) ?>
<?= Form::close() ?>
3. Create a route to upload and save the file:
Route::post(‘fileform’, function()
$file = Input::file(‘myfile’);
$ext = $file->guessExtension();
if ($file->move(‘files’, ‘newfilename.’ . $ext))
return ‘Success’;
return ‘Error’;

How it works…

In our View, we use Form::open () and pass in an array with ‘files’ => TRUE that
automatically sets the enctype in the Form tag; then we add a form field to take the file.
Without using any other parameters in Form::open(), the form will use the default method
of POST and action of the current URL. Form::file() is our input field to accept the files.
Since our form is posting to the same URL, we need to create a route to accept the POST
input. The $file variable will hold all the file information.
Next, we want to save the file with a different name but first we need to get the extension
of the uploaded file. So we use the guessExtension() method, and store that in a variable.
Most of the methods for using files are found in Symfony’s File libraries.
Finally, we move the file to its permanent location using the file’s move() method, with the
first parameter being the directory where we will save the file; the second is the new name
of the file.
If everything uploads correctly, we show ‘Success’, and if not we show ‘Error’.

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